Flyer for Ratcliffe event

Oct. 7: Krista Ratcliffe Part of DePaul’s Race & Free Speech Series

As part of the university’s Race & Free Speech Speaker Series and the Department of Writing, Rhetoric and Discourse’s Writing and Rhetoric without Borders Speaker Series, Professor Krista Ratcliffe will visit DePaul on Oct. 7 to discuss topics in language and cross-cultural communication.

The author of Rhetorical Listening:  Identification, Gender, and Whiteness, Professor Ratcliffe has suggested that an inattention in schooling to listening as a critical communicative practice frustrates our ability to collectively discuss complex social issues.  In the context of competing definitions of race in contemporary American culture (white supremacy, colorblindness, multiculturalism, and critical race theory), Ratcliffe will offer rhetorical listening as a tactic for cross-cultural communication, particularly in teaching and learning situations.

The details:

Friday, Oct. 7
Rhetorical Listening and Cross-cultural Communication
1 – 2:30 p.m.
McGowan South, 105