WRD Student Spotlight: Maddy Johnson

WRD recently caught up with Maddy Johnson, a current student in the BA/MA in WRD program. She started working at Zacks Investment Research as an intern and is now a full-time content curator/stock news reporter. Her main work duties include covering the trendiest or high-profile financial news stories of the day as well as creating informational reports that range from upcoming IPOs to the current oil crisis. She also manages the intern team at Zacks, editing and revising their work throughout the day. In this article, Maddy shares more about her current position and how WRD has impacted her career.

What is a typical day “on the job” for you?

I start my day browsing both Google News (the Business and Technology section) and Yahoo Finance, jotting down stories or topics I feel should be written about. From there, I start to write! I try and write 3-4 articles a day, but that number will vary based on the subjects I’m covering.

How has your education from DePaul influenced what you’re doing now?

As a graduate with a BA in WRD (and soon to have an MA in the same field), my education from DePaul has taught me many things, but especially how to write for different audiences. I never would have applied for the job at Zacks had I not believed in my ability as a writer, and that confidence came from the positive influence of the WRD department at DePaul.

What are the most helpful courses you have taken so far in WRD’s BA/MA program?

The most helpful courses I have taken are the ones that have focused on style and professional writing: WRD 508 Discourse and Style, WRD 522 Writing in the Professions. Courses that focused on rhetoric (Ancient Rhetorics, Rhetoric & Memory, Network Rhetorics) have also been helpful as they made me aware of where I stand in the world.

What are the most helpful skills from WRD courses that you have seen being implemented in your position at Zacks?

Mainly the idea of writing for different audiences. When I applied at Zacks, I had absolutely no experience in finance. I did, however, have extensive knowledge of writing. I was able to use my skill as a writer to approach an unknown subject. I am still learning about the world of finance every day, with my writing and audience-determining skills propelling me forward.